About Me

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Hello world

My name is Tomer Markovitz.
I live in Tel-Aviv Jaffa with my 15 year old cat, and work as a freelance\hired Graphic Designer since 2010.

It all Started when I was 3 or 4 years old, I think it was at my grandparents house, they had those small, yellow, sticky notes that I liked drawing thing I’ve seen on the TV. It kept going all the way to adulthood. My graphic design pursuit started right after my 3 year service (2000-2003).
With the grant I got from the army, I went to learn a 3D Maya course at “Sela college” in Ramat-Gan.
later I got a job as a 3D generalist at a production company called “I conception”. (2004-2005) After a year or so, I came to realize that something was missing and that I have a real knowledge gap to fill, so I signed up for Visual communication at Shenkar college and majored in interactive design (2006-2010)

After graduating I got to work on various projects and startups in designing and building responsive websites, landing pages, illustrations, logos, barnding, animations and post production.

I have acquired quite a substantial experience in HTML+CSS, wordpress and woocommerce and organic SEO.
Got to work on mobile applications, creating wireframes, UI , UX and helped articulate some of the business goals and strategies as part of a team and as a solo designer.

My main passion is probably illustrating and inventing.
It’s one of the few things I can immerse in for hours while neglecting everything else around.

I’m always on the hunt for new opportunities and challenges that will propel me forward as a designer and as a human being.