Logo and illustrations with process

This is The Final logo as seen on the site. Scroll down to see the logo process and for the rest of this project’s illustrations and goods

Early attempt to convey the DIY message using badly driven nails.
Octopus holding freshly painted letters.
!And another Octopus holding freshly painted letters. This time he’s got a drill
The “Ikea” style that I just had to get of my chest.
This was my personal favorite but it was way to complex to try and simplify these structures.
This one was too water and plumbing related but it started the style of the final logo.
This one was almost there but the swiss knife wasn’t the best choice for the first letter.
This shows the final choice of tools before simplifying the graphic language.
And this is the final result.
Illustrated Category navigation icons.
Isometric illustrations used as a header background for the businesses collaboration section of the site.
Couple of icon sets from across the site.
These are most of the UI assets for
Announcement Icon design process.
Part of the technical process of making two of the site’s categories illustrations.
Web button for users to link to their site or web address.
Thumbnail with the first letter (“Bet” in Hebrew) to use in social media as profile pic.
The animated logo was made for Bayadaim’s You-Tube channel and it’s completely vectorized.
Meaning it can be rendered for any resolution while keeping it sharp and crisp. This bit obviously comes with sound effects, but I speared you from hearing it in an endless loop.