Welcome to my online portfolio

Hi, My name is Tomer Markovitz, I’m a freelance Graphic designer for the past 15 years. I’ve managed to gain experience in what I see as the most important fields of this realm called “Graphic design” and combine them all to offer my clients a one-stop-shop for all of their graphic/marketing needs. I’m doing it to feed my own curiosity to understand both the use of these tools and the business as a whole, so I could be more confident about the choices I take on my clients behalf and for my own enterprise as well.

I tried to separate those different hats and focus on just one of them, let’s say illustration, which is my so called “favorite”, but I found myself using a 3D software to verify the perspective and doing typography or lettering to supplement the illustration, sometimes animating my illustration in after-effect, and It’s got to be showcased on my own portfolio site that I’ve built and designed so…

My pursuit of understanding and physically doing all the different aspects of my work may led me on a rough road, but now I know every pothole and speed-trap along the way, and I also know the hotspots with the greatest views.

This means that today I can offer a boutique suit for a wide range of client. from individuals through start-up companies to a well established brand.

A single project can require as little as a single illustration or flyer design, and it can reach up to a complete branding move that may include: logo design, graphic language, vector or hand on paper illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, photography and typography as well as a responsive website with SEO content, analytics, copy, accessibility and much much more.